Monday, January 11, 2016

A growing nail polish collection

I have to admit I am a compulsive shopper (specially when there is a good sale, or beautiful colors, or a well reviewed brand, or I am sad, or bored, or curious...I think you get to the point). I stopped using and buying nail polish since the invention of colored acrylics polimer and the art of encapsulating glitters and everything you could think about on nails. Then 3D designs were the coolest thing in the nail world. So I used to go for long nails with lots of 3D designs, and crystals. Yes! I have lots and lots of colored acrylics, crystals, studs, flowers... you name it. Its not that difficult to get nail art when you have ebay and swaps on your side. Then something got my attention...GELS! Gel Polishes! Brushes! Yeah I got a lot of those too, even one stroke gels and 3D gels. My living room was overloaded with nail art supplies, just to do my own nails. I had to do something about that so I made my best to stop bringing new stuff to my house. I organized everything in carts and cases into my closet, and suddenly my living room was free!

I minimized everything nail related,from nail length to working area.I tried to use the less products I could, trying not to make a mess. Then something happened! I discovered nail stamping ! I did have 3 round stamping plates but never learned how to use them. And in order to stamp I needed nail polish and that is how it started.

How and when did I go from 20's nail polishes to 265??? I received some from friends and family but  it's still a huge collection that needs storage space. I could divide them by colors, by brand or shape and I will still have a lot of each.

Having a selection of nail polishes makes your work easier in many ways. But  it's a huge space and organizing problem. The worst part is that once you start your collection you'll want more...and more...and more! And even more!!!

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