Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MoYou London The Pro Collection Plate 04 Review

MoYou London Pro Collection Plate 4

I've had this plate for a while now. But I did not have the time to review it properly. MoYou London was my first experience with international orders. And I have to say the designs are a dream. I love the high quality etching on the plate and the details on the designs themselves. The only negative thing I found on this specific plate is the size of the images. They're good for slim short nails but not large enough for the thumbnails or larger and longer nails. Other than that this plate is great. If you have short nails this is the plate for you.

(Click on image to view larger)

Overall the images are easy to pick up and transfer. I tried them with a basic stamper and they picked up really well. but I got the best results with MoYou's marshmallow sticky stamper.

I had a little trouble transferring one of the images, and it was because the fine details on it dried too fast. But the second time I tried it, it transferred just well.
I do recommend this plate it has images that can be a beautiful complement to any manicure. I used it to complement a sugar skull manicure and I really liked the results!

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