Thursday, January 21, 2016

MoYou London Princess Collection Stamping Plate 11 Review

                                       MoYou London Princess Collection Plate 11

This stamping plate was part of the Moyou London haul I reviewed yesterday. Honestly I purchased this plate just because it had a hand writing image. Images on this plate are kind of sweet and childish, just like drawings elementary and middle school kids tend to do on the back page of their notebooks. Having said that, if you're going for a fresh kiddie design this is the plate for it!

When I got to swatch this plate, it was difficult for me to transfer the complete image.  This is not a bad thing against the plate because picking up the image wasn't the problem. Timing was the problem. The plate is so detailed and has a delicate etching in almost every image, so you need speed and a good coordination so your image doesn't completely dry on the stamper.

I had a hard time trying to swatch the last two images of the plate. The design has long and thin lines that you will need to fill correctly and at the right speed so it doesn't break before picking it up. After a few fails, I discovered that the best way is to scrape it upside down and transfer it quickly.

The images have a nice size, but again, good for small slim nails, a bit longer but small nails.

Overall the plate has beautiful and sweet images to freshen up your manicures. Great to stamp girly nails!

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