Monday, January 11, 2016

Polish Storage and Organization tips

When we let ourselves get  into the calling power of beautiful nail polishes we end up creating a much bigger situation. Storage! Not only our nail polishes become one of our most important treasures, but these tiny, colorful, beautiful bottles are very fragile too.
How painful and stressful it is when one of our polishes gets lost, or worst! BROKEN! We need to assign a specific clean, fresh and secure area for our polishes. here are some tips that helped me protect my babies!

This is my organization plan. It has worked for me (and my girls!).
1. Store them in a dark organizing tower or drawers away from windows and exterior walls. This will protect your nail polishes from direct sunlight,dust and temperature. Your polishes will last longer.
2. Separate your nail polishes by brand. That'll help you identify which polishes you have from each brand. Keeping them together will help you with space since every bottle has the same shape.
3. Keep track of the colors you already have. You don't want to duplicate colors in your collection. Most of us want our collection to grow but duplicating takes more space and you'll have less colors.You can do this with several app's or just make a list.
4. Clean your organizing area and your polishes regularly. Having a dusty polish bottle might lead to product contamination with dust particles.
5. Get rid of empty bottles ASAP. You'll need that space for future polishes. If its a color you like it a lot just write down the name and get a new one.

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