Thursday, January 21, 2016

New tool from us to you!

Have you swatch your stamping plates on paper or paint demo cards and then thrown them away? Is it hard to organizing them because the name of your plate goes in the back of the card? Do you feel ashamed when you pick up sample paint card at the department stores, and prefer not to pick them up? Well that has happened to me. I decided to develop a way to organize my swatches in a very convenient way. The stamping plate review card is my newest tool. It's available in two sizes and its made to print on index cards. As "The Printable Mat" this tool is free. Only a few terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions
1. Must be a Follower of all my social media.
     a. Join this blog. Hand Crafted With Love Nails (Join This Site)
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Note: If you are on a cellular or tablet you need to access the link to the full website on the bottom of the blog to be able to view the buttons.
Then send message via contact form with your username on each social media (this to verify you are a follower) and an email to send you the card's pdf
2. "The Printable Mat" is for personal non-commercial use only , any unauthorized commercial or online use of the mat violates our intellectual property and copyrights. We will proceed with legal processing.
3. Do not alter or edit the Stamping Review Card or any of its drawings, logos and/or copyright typing.
4. Stamping review card is not transferable, it's solely for your personal use, no group printing! If you'd like to share our card with a friend ,you should share a link to its original post. (this post).
5. Accept the terms and conditions in a comment below this post.
6. Do not unsubscribe or unfollow after you receive your stamping plate review card, it's not honest and you might loose the chance to download more printable goodies from our blog and the giveaways!

Instructions of use

1. Print "The Stamping Plate Review Card" on an index card (4 in x 6 in or  5 in x 8 in)  . Use landscape orientation.
2. Store them in an index card box
3. You might also laminate it.
4. Enjoy your review cards and start swatching!

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