Monday, January 18, 2016

The Printable Mat

We all love to have a template to practice our nail art. Since the beginning of nail art there has been templates ( "practice sheets") available for us to paint or draw on. even to improve acrylic application speed there are practice sheets available.
Most companies are making a variety of stamping mats for us to practice and test colors. Even to do our decals on making our hobby even easier and pleasant. But not everyone has access to online ordering,or even worst, some countries make your orders online a nightmare. In the best case scenario you'll have to waste a whole day and pay additional fees in order to have access to your products.
My daughter and I took the time to develop this for you! "The Printable Mat"is the result of team work and a lot of working time  . Now you won't need any sophisticated graphics software or online programs to print your very own stamping mat. Just download it, print it and use it in the most convenient way for you!

Test colors, try color combinations, make your own decals. Test stamping polishes in black or white! "The Printable Mat" provides you spaces for all your stamping needs. 

"The Printable Mat" is free. Just read Terms and Conditions!

Terms and conditions
1. Must be a Follower of all my social media.
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Then send message via contact form with your username on each social media (this to verify you are a follower) and an email to sent you the mat's pdf
2. "The Printable Mat" is for personal non-commercial use only , any unauthorized commercial or online use of the mat violates our intellectual property and copyrights. We will proceed with legal processing.
3. Do not alter or edit "The Printable Mat" or any of its drawings, logos and/or copyright typing.
4. "The Printable Mat" is not transferable, it's solely for your personal use, no group printing! If you'd like to share our mat with a friend ,you should share a link to its original post. (this post).
5. Accept the terms and conditions in a comment below this post.
6. Do not unsubscribe or unfollow after you receive your printable mat, it's not honest and you might loose the chance to download more printable goodies from our blog and the giveaways!

Instructions of use

1. Print "The Printable Mat" on a letter size paper or card (8.5 in x 11 in). Use landscape orientation.
2. You might place on or under one of the following
    a. Sheet protector
    b. A plain silicone baking mat
    c. A clear flexible chopping board
3. You might also laminate it.
4. Enjoy your alternative stamping mat and start creating!

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