Monday, February 29, 2016

14 Days of Romance Nails My Designs

I decided to post them all together, so you can see the ones I did in one single post. Later on I'll be posting an individual description on each of them. Sadly by the last days of this challenge I got really sick. And my kids got sick. With one thing after the other I got behind in a lot of things, personal things, family things, school and of course the blog, challenge and social media.

But now I am back on track and I will try to get up to date as soon as possible. I'd like to thank the lady that started this challenge with me but had to finish it without me. Shar, Jen, and Maddie. Thank you girls!

Here are the designs I got to do.

Hearts and Chocolates


Lace and Bows

Cupid in Red

Friendship Brazalet

Pink Blossoms

Eternal Love

Unconventional Valentine's Color