Friday, January 22, 2016

My Online Shop Jr. Plate 25 Review

My Online Shop Plate Jr.25

I've had this plate for a while now but I think this is the right time to review it. My Online Shop plates are beautiful and Plate Jr.25 has the perfect designs for the upcoming love season! This plate is a love and hearts collection of beautiful images! I ordered  this one because it has both delicate and open space images, a good selection for a Valentine's day manicure, but fun enough to use everyday.

The images have an approximated  measure of 0.90" lenght x 0.75" width. Enough for the average nails. It contains a lot of accent designs in the lower part of the plate and between the nail sized images. It has six full sized nail images and 15 accent  images.

 Overall the images are easy to pick up and transfer , but there is one that requires speed, fine details dry too fast and the image breaks while transferring. I tried to transfer it three times before I could get it right. Another detail is that you have to be careful while scraping the open space images. While trying I discovered than when I scraped diagonally with the stamper on a 45 degree angle I got a perfect stamped image. 

This plate has beautiful images and all have a nice quality etching, even the smallest detail was noticeable in the plate as well as stamped. This plate would make a good addition to any collection. 

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