Sunday, January 24, 2016

A past in acrylic nails

Today's trends require more natural looking nails. The thinner and shortest the better. Less is more! But two or three years ago stiletto, mandorla russa long nails were the trend among nail technicians.I loved long, delicate and uncommon nails on my own hands. But most of the girls I did nails to stuck to square nails.

I saw nail's evolution from traditional sheer pink and white, to cover pink and reverse nails, from freehand and one stroke painting to glitter encapsulating and color acrylics. I saw the 3D acrylic designs born and develop. And I loved them all. I've worked with acrylics, gels, nail polish, gel polish, watercolors, anything that can make a nail look good was in my list of things to learn.

Today my nails look natural (although they have a gel overlay), I went from freehand to stamping and I still love them all! My journey trough acrylic trends made me look for more,develop more, practice more.

These are samples of my work, every design has a value to me . I cherish each picture as the steps that took me to where I am now. This is me, this is my essence and I do not think that is ever going to change.

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