Sunday, January 24, 2016

Romantic in pink manicure

I love pink, but not on my nails! My skin tone looks too pale when I wear light or bright pink shades. So, I decided to share it as a diy instead. 
I started this design to participate in a challenge, but at the end decided not to share it as part of the challenge. It's a romantic design , great for the upcoming season.

What I used:

       1. Bettina Matte for stamping                                                   
       2. Milani Color Statement Hot Pink Rage
       3. Milani Color Statement Doll Face 
       4. OPI Centenial Celebration

        5. Base Coat
        6. Top Coat

        7. Stamper (for the smooshy technique)
        8. Mirror or palette (or even a piece of cling wrap)

            9. Your favorite flowery stamping plate, I used SG-02
            10. Marshmallow squishy stamper and a scraper

For this manicure I used the smooshy technique. This easy and fun manicure takes only a few minutes no matter your skill level. In fact, I am sharing my learning process with you today! I've heard from some youtubers that there is no right or wrong way of doing the smooshy technique. Don't be afraid to experiment with it, just go with the flow and enjoy the process! 
Some people do this technique with a piece or cling paper or the back or a stamping plate. But I am an organization freak and I feel more comfortable using a mirror. It's less messy and its easier to clean. Having said that let's start with this fun process.

First I applied base coat to my nails, to avoid staining. I prepared my fingers applying liquid latex to protect  from polishes while doing the smoochy technique. Then poured a drop of each color on the mirror. I made a swirl with the colors using the smaller head of my stamper. Next I started applying the colors with the stamper filling in spaces and trying to achieve a marble pattern. When the smoochy nails were completely dry I applied the top coat to even the nail surface so I could stamp on it.

After the top coat dried I removed the liquid latex and reapplied liquid latex to my fingers again to protect from stamping residues. Using Plate SG-02 which I bought from an Ebay seller (if you'd like the info let me know ina comment below).  I wanted a rustic look, not the perfect crisp white stamping, so I decided to use Bettina Matte, it stamps but not as crisp and white as a stamping polish would do. I made sure I let the stamping dry enough time so it wouldn't smear as I applied the top coat. Hope you give it a try and remember to visit the blog regularly for fun diy's and good information and freebies. 

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