Monday, January 25, 2016

Wildside Nailz Pro Tech Solutions review

Have you heard  from Moyra Image Plates yet?? These plates are beautiful and if you'd like to have something different, delicate,unique but yet affordable these are the plates for you! Moyra is a company based in Hungary. They have a beautiful line of nail products.
Their image plates are so beautiful. I thought I could never have one because of the shipping charges on international orders.

I was looking at videos on You Tube and one of the ladies mentioned a seller. There was a link to the seller's page. The page is on Facebook, under the name of  Wildside Nailz Pro Tech Solutions . In her page she sells lots of great nail accessories and decor, Different stampers and Moyra Image Plates.  I only saw one video. Only one person who had an experience with this seller and it was so good that I decided to place my order. I've heard a lot of horror from Facebook sellers. But there was something about this seller. From the first time I typed hello on her inbox I got a quick response. She was really kind to me and I even got a great deal. 
I have to say I had an exceptional experience with my first order from Wildside Nailz.  The transaction was easy and clear I just gave her a list o f the plates I wanted and the info she requested. As easy as 1,2,3. I received an invoice from the seller. As soon as I proceeded with the payment my order got ready to ship!

One funny thing is that I ordered last week, and then  winter storm Jonas! I got really scared about a delay or even that the order got lost in the mail. So I asked her about the tracking number just in case the package could get lost. It had a delay,but nothing to worry about. I thought the order would take at least a week to arrive ( I live in the Caribbean). For my surprise the order arrived today!
The order was protected in a bubble wrap envelope and then into a priority mail envelope. Everything was just perfect. 

I ordered 8 stamping plates, but there was a sale with the order I made one of my plates was free of charge. So I got one plate and a stamper with my order. And she was so kind to send me beautiful nail decals. I am so grateful I found this great seller, because these days they're hard to find. Not only the transparency of the transaction, but the way she treats her clients. Making a 
client feel safe and important is a good quality for a seller. I give her five stars! In a scale from one to ten , a ten! 

I hope to keep purchasing more Moyra plates from Wildside Nailz and I hope you do too! Absolutely recommend her!

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