Friday, April 1, 2016

Born Pretty Haul and service review (exactimes Ebay seller)

Most items on my Born Pretty collection come from this seller. I prefer to buy everything on Ebay because it's a system I can trust. My latest order included a 19 piece set of stamping nail polish, a jumbo stamper, a clear jelly stamper, one BP round stamping plate and a Ya Qin An square stamping plate. With this order I also ordered a BOQIAN detail brush.

I've been ordering from this seller for quite a while now. It is a seller I trust and absolutely recommend. I appreciate when a seller takes the time to answer my questions and tries to ease my worries. Its no secret that born pretty arrives from China, which requires quite a wait. Specially when you live in a US Territory that is not a part of the 48 Continental States, or even not a part of the 50 States. Everything we order here has to go through the East Coast States, Mostly New York, Sometimes the waiting time can get on your nerves. With exactimes my waiting time has been from 10 days to three and a half weeks, no more than that.

With the good timing comes the quality of the products and the communication available with this seller. A seller who is willing to resolve any issues with a client is a seller worth buying from. In this case I received all of my items, sadly one of them was damaged on shipping because it was not well packaged. I sent the seller a picture of the damaged item and asked him to think about options to resolve this issue. I got a fair and kind response, the seller offered a refund or send the item again. I opted to wait for the item to arrive as I needed it and wanted it on my collection. The item was sent to me the next day and it took about three weeks and a half to arrive. I am really thankful for the seller's attention and service. I know I will order again anytime soon and I suggest you do orders with Exactimes-Store-beauty lady_nailart