Monday, January 25, 2016

Cherimoya Vernis Clasique as a stamping polish

I posted this design about two weeks ago on my Instagram account. I wanted to achieve a delicate yet casual manicure. One of the reasons I achieved this design was the desperate need to find quality polishes that performed as stamping polishes. After reading horrible articles about indie stamping polishes that went from headaches to nail disease, I was a bit scare on buying or even trying affordable stamping polishes alternatives.

I grabbed my commercial brand polishes and started testing their stamping possibilities. It was no surprise that I got best results with Sinful Colors Snow me white and Black on black. But what about colors?

I grabbed a few colors from different brands and I fell in love with one result! Cherimoya Vernis Clasique was a hit! It stamped beautifully over black and white. I needed to have a design with it!

This is Cherimoya Vernis Color Clasique, Metallic Red, I'd say it will stamp beautifully over any color you'd like to try it. It has a very dense formula and covers in just one coat. It even dries alike most stamping polishes! I recommend this brand for stamping, it works, it has beauniful colors and costs just $1.99 . Get yours and have fun! Just combine it and go on with a great stamping polish option!

And this is how it started! On my next post I will share a diy. I shared a brief one on my IG, but I'll share a more complete one. Sadly I did not take pictures of all of the steps, but I'll try to make it simple even for begginers!

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