Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moyra Image Plates Haul!

In my previous post I mentioned Moyra image plates and its official distributor for the USA Wildside Nailz Pro Tech Solutions .These plates are absolutely beautiful and they have their own protective sleeve, which is so colorful and delicate.
 I fell in love with them since the first moment I saw them. This order took seven days to arrive and that because it had a delay related with winter storm Jonas. Otherwise it would have arrived sooner.

Moyra image plates have a size comparable to Überchic Beauty plates and as I said before they have their individual sleeves. Every sleeve has a different theme according to the plate inside. In this haul I ordered 8 plates. Florarity 2, Memories, Sweet dreams, Celebration, Vintage, Damask Drapery, Ornaments and Labyrinth.

The plates arrived in perfect condition except for a little scratch on one of the plates's plastic film. But I noticed the film is a bit thicker than the average stamping plates and because of that it had enough protection. The plate itself did not have any damage at all.

In this brief overview you will notice that the individual images are larger than average plates and designs are so delicate and unique. The thing that caught my attention is that some of these images when stamped seem almost hand painted, with details so rich and delicate that gives you the feel of an experimented nail artist on your nail designs. Having that on a stamping plate makes it special and unique. Just look for the designs on the seller's facebook page and you'll see this huge difference from other stamping plates brands. I am absolutely in love with these plates. I'll be doing a full review on each plate in the next days. Subscribe and keep visiting the blog so you don't miss any of them.

(Important note: This plate did not have the plastic film as broken as it looks in the picture. It had just a little scratch and I broke it when checking if it was alright. The plate was in absolute perfect condition)

I got a great deal with this order. I ordered eight plates. One of them was free, so I only paid for seven. The seller sent me a stamper with the plates. It's squishy and non sticky. I'll go through all details about it on my full review post.
I'll have a full review on that too. And she also sent me beautiful nail decals (seen in the first picture of this post).

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