Friday, September 4, 2015

My Online Shop Haul

Jr. stamping plates

There is a huge selection of stamping plates on the market. As I kept looking for videos and blogs, I wanted more stamping plates. I loved each video tutorial I saw, I wanted to be able to change my design every day, it's overwhelming the huge amount of brands, styles, and designs that can be found online.Variety is never a problem with stamping. I am a Disney and Sanrio fan, so I decided my first stamping plates had to be this theme-related.
I was so happy I found the site on Etsy, but the excitement vanished when I found a message on the etsy store. She was going to be away until September! I was so sad. Then I searched for my online shop on Facebook, there it was, she accepted my friend request OMG! I was so happy!!! I asked if  there was a way to order online, and she told me the store was relocated to store envy. So I created my account on the site and ordered those beautiful stamping plates. I ordered Jr.5, Jr.25, Jr.27 and Jr.33.

The delivery time took only 5 days and I loved the plates from the first time I saw them. Every design is very detailed. These stamping plates are awsome! Great costumer service too!

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