Friday, September 4, 2015

Messy Mansion Haul

I've been a Nail technician for a long time, but I am quite new to nail stamping. I wanted to have every tool I would need. I saw this Messy Mansion accessories kit 2.0, and saw good reviews about it, it wouldn't hurt to order one. It's supposed to make stamping easier and cleaner, so why not? I also needed a stamper, I added the Deluxe double ended stamper to my order.

Messy Mansion is a company based in Australia, and they do their domestic orders from Australia,but the best thing is they ship international orders from their warehouse in North Carolina,USA. And I live in a USA Territory. The delivery took 6 days which made me really happy because I buy things online mostly from ebay , and the delivery time from most of the sellers is almost eternity, just joking, but they do take quite a while.
Here is my haul:

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