Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pop-arazzi Haul

Funny being a qualified nail tech for quite long time now I decide to share a drug store nail polish brand haul. Well after buying really expensive acrylics, UV and LED gels and a few brands of gel polishes I went back to basics. I feel almost like a newbie and I am walking my first baby steps back into nail polish and traditional nail art. In the last two weeks I fell in love with a brand I discovered in CVS while I was looking for polishes I could use for nail stamping.
Honestly it was the packaging what got my attention. Those cute polka dots drove me crazy. Then I discovered a few good colors I decided to try. They were on sale and I had some CVS extra bucks so I ended up spending $6.00 for my first purchase and a little bit more for the second one.

From the center up and going clockwise:

1. Cuticle Oil- Too Cute-icle
2. Top Coat- Clearly Thinking
3. Shell Me More
4.Teeny Yellow Bikini
5.Lime-ousine Ride
6. Don't Need No Romeo
8. Break His Heart
9. Carmella Latte
10. Mango Colada
11. Tropic Tango
12. Reddy, Set, Action!
13.Mind Your Manners
14. Razzy Baby
15. Flamingo-go
16. Call Me a Cab
17. Blushing Beauty

Once I tried the first polishes I brought home, I loved the colors, the formula and some of them got opaque in only one coat, so I decided I had to get more. These colors are the ones I could find on the nearby CVS. I am still looking for more colors because I absolutely loved them. I am working on the review so....stay tuned!!!

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