Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nail art

As a stay at home mom the only "for me" time I had was the hour and a half or two hours I spent in the beauty salon getting my nails done. My nail dresser was a star. She always had a new design in the only color I wanted on my nails. Any shades but only purple. But then I moved back to my hometown. I did not go to a salon for a while because I missed my nail dresser. I tried going to get my nails done where I used to live but after a while it was a bit time consuming getting the kids dressed to travel more than an hour just to get my nails done. So I decided to stop.
Then there was a wedding. How could I possibly go to a wedding with my nails looking like that? I looked for a local salon and I got an appointment. Big mistake!!! I got the most horrendous pink and white full set I had seen in my entire life. My nails looked like fans and she used white nail tips. For the love of God!!! White tips!!!! I wanted pink and white acrylics. So that was goodbye to salon nails.
I was frustrated. As time went by I wanted to get my nails done, but I didn't want to loose any more time or money. So I told myself, "what can possibly go wrong?" I liked arts , painting, creating things, my creativity was not a problem, it couldn't be so hard. I got a basic kit and started doing my own nails, then I went to beauty school. I won't lie it was a hard and long process but it was worth it. Sixteen years later I've never had a nail disease. I did my own nails with my own designs. I learned every single skill in nail evolution from nail polish to LED gel. Through the years Nails had become my best source of creativity.It's my passion, It's what I am made for. In different times and for different reasons I tried to quit, but after a year or two I ended up going back to nails. Well this time I decided to go on myself and share my adventures on nail art with everyone through this blog. I'll be sharing my designs, some process videos, some diy's but only as a hobby, just for fun. This won't be an educational blog. I will just share what works for me and my impressions on the products and tools I use. Stay tuned.

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