Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moyra Stamping Plates~ Ornaments Plate Review

I used my Ornaments plate for the first time for a challenge design. I know these plates are really good. Love the designs themselves, their size and the etching. these plates are designed to use on any type of nails from natural shorties to commercial acrylic or gel long nails.

It is important to say that Ornaments plate is designed for a company that specializes on the artificial nails market. Although Moyra sells products for natural nails, its principal market is the professional nail industry. This makes Moyra stamping plates a must have for us, professional and qualified nail technicians. That having been said, I'll share now my opinion on the plate itself and the individual designs.

The plate is comparable to an UC stamping plate in size. But its quality on etching goes over most stamping plates brands I've used until now.  Every design measures approximately 2.5 cm x 1.8 cm. The stamped design has a size big enough to cover a 3 to 31/2 sculpted nail depending on the nail plate size. This plate has 20 beautiful designs, mostly composed of scrolls and vines.

For this review I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, as I like to use my stamping polishes just for nails. This might have affected the designs with thinner and more intricate details.

One thing I liked about this plate is that some of the designs have an inner design. The lines, scrolls, and vines form figures that might be subject to individual interpretation, but I did like the figures I kind of found on this plate.

I love the classic scroll work on this design. It was really easy to pick up and transfer.

This is the second design to the right on the Ornaments plate. It combines scrolls, vines, leaves and even a flower silhouette. It was easy to pick up, but you might want to transfer it as fast as possible because the thinner details will dry really fast.

This design is one of the reasons I say Moyra plates resemble handmade drawings, it took me a few fails to pick it up completely. As you  can see on the stamper the details are hard to pick up with a regular polish. It will be easier to pick up with stamping polish, and if you scrape in a 27 degree angle, with a flexible scraper and make sure you scrape only once. As soon as you pick up, transfer and you will get the best results.

This design was easy to pick up and transfer. Its a nice and detailed design.

This design has thinner lines and details. Scrape in an angle and only once, then pick up 
and transfer as fast as possible.

This skull is quite large to stamp on a nail. It's shape is made , out of tiny flowers and leaves, you might need to shrink it with a marshmallow stamper head in order to make it fit onto a nail. But you might also stamp a partial design from it. It was really easy to pick up and transfer.

This beautiful design has a combination on thick and really thin scrolls. It was a really easy one to pick up and transfer.

As most of the designs that make this plate a unique one this design, has rich and delicate details. It is easy to pick up and transfer, and will do with regular nail polish and a regular scraping technique. 

This four designs are really nice, but the etching on them isn't as deep as the other designs on the plate. The combination of thin lines, not so deep etching and regular polish in the weather and temperature conditions I live in is a huge NO. It might work better with a stamping polish. Using SC I got a lot of missing spots on these designs. Some of them did not pick up well, some of them dried too fast on the stamper.

These are open space images. Easy to scrape, pick up and transfer. 

Talking about beautiful and stylish scrolls. Most strokes on this design are thick enough to pick up without any trouble, but watch out for the thinner details, you might miss them.

Depending on your perception and imagination you might find hidden images on these 5 designs. I have a very creative brain, so I see little cute friends on them and I like it that each scroll and shape can get your work to a whole different new level.

Over all this is a beautiful plate that can turn your nail art designs into authentic works of art. Feel free to try it, and let your imagination do the rest. We nail technicians and artists are 1% skill and 99% the expression of our imagination.

I did this design with Moyra Ornaments stamping plate!

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